Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Best Exercises, Diet and Mood in Kids

It is always believed that exercising is the food of life and it should be practiced meticulously to get the best results. Exercises have a great effect on mood as it can alter your negativities and give you a fresh feeling. Just like adults, kids also need exercises to remain active throughout the day. Mostly children spend their usual days at home watching Television or playing games on computer. The digital age has limited their physical activity. Hence, parents should consider that physical activities for children are very important for their physical growth as well as mental development. Children who are aggressive, lazy and are keeping low at day activities should be able to develop good exercise plans in order to make positive and vibrant mood.

The adults undergo vigorous exercises for themselves which cannot be practiced by kids less than 5 years of age. Two to three hours of daily activity should be reserved for physical exercises which can enhance their strength to concentrate and provide them necessary energy for the day. Moderate level exercises are a must for a child to be active during the day. Light activities which are energetic should be practiced daily to strengthen their muscles. It has also been found that exercise is the best dose for the kids who are obese. Long stagnant periods doing no physical activity can result into lethargy and inactive children's. It is very common and noticeable change that children who devote at least one to two hours every day for exercise and other physical activities are always stress-free and sleep better at night. Again, the children also develop healthy bones, muscles and joints which make them feel better about their fitness.

Keeping the kids under a healthy weight with a proper diet is must for every parent. The diet of child should be according to their age and body requirements. The regime during the day should consist of all the necessary nutrients. Proper breaks in between the meals are very important to utilize the energy gained from the nutrients. You can always let your child go out and play or do brisk walking while he/she is on a break or after having meal. The exercises create good mood and bring life to the daily activities of the child. A child with good mix of diet and exercise can be a good learner and a dynamic kid. Regular meals, avoiding distractions like TV, avoid giving them food which is high on fat are some good tips for maintaining healthy eating. Instead of giving them drinks like Pepsi and other carbohydrate fizzy drinks, a parent should consider providing them with fresh fruit juice.

Moderate and vigorous level exercises are the right mix for every child who is under 5 years of age. It can include aerobics, walking, running, gymnastics etc. Swimming exercises are also a good option for kids to enjoy the exercises. These exercises make your child filled with loads of spirited and positive vibes which can be radiated through his/her actions. Parents should limit their other non-productive activities in order to get them on the right track. There should be an active parti[censored] tion from the parents' side because in this way children would be willing to practice these activities. Also, there can be innovative and fun learning exercises which can make it joyful experience for the Childs.

In a nuts[censored] , the following activities can help a child to develop a habit of exercising regularly with positive mood and monitor a healthy diet:

• An activity like standing up and walking around is a very light exercise which can be taken during their free time at school or at home.

• Cycling, swinging and skating can be another option for strengthening muscles and develop bones.

• Dancing is something that everybody likes. It has been observed that dancing helps in creating good mood.

• Skipping rope and swimming also helps a child's positive growth.

• Gymnastics are now a part of every school's curriculum to enhance physical activities for children.

• Tug of War, racing, playing Frisbee and other similar games are enjo[censored] by kids and therefore can be practiced regularly.

• Martial arts and aerobics are other such activities which give a scope of gaining more strength.

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